It's a Boy!

Commissioned and produced by Steve Legg of the Breakout Trust, "It's a Boy!" is a half-hour retelling of the Christmas story from the point of view of three quails who happen to be caught up in the events leading to the birth of Jesus Christ. With a script by Alexa Tewkesbury and voiced by well-known names such as comedians Joe Pasquale and Cannon and Ball, and featuring former Bond baddie Steven Berkoff, the whole programme was made by just five animators and rendered to look like a cartoon.

Julian Tewkesbury directed and edited the film, and was also one of the animators, largely responsible for the action sequences.

"It's a Boy!" has been distributed on DVD in the UK and the USA (re-named "The Quails' First Christmas"), and is available from Amazon. Also available online from Canaan Press in the UK and Tommy Nelson Publishing in the USA. Visit the "It's a Boy!" website.

Click the "Play" arrow to watch the trailer:

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