Sully & Co. - chartered accountants

Sully & Co., a long-established firm of chartered accountants, had a recognised corporate image. Talking Pictures took over their graphic design portfolio in the mid 1990s and Julian Tewkesbury was responsible for a large proportion of their stationery and advertising output.

It was important to maintain the existing corporate image, and much of the work involved using extant logos in the cleanest and most effective way to present the firm as a solid yet forward-looking business. As Sully & Co. were unable to supply sutiable artwork for the firm's logo and letterhead, one of the first tasks was to generate duplicates of the logo and existing stationery, to which were then added various extra pieces, such as the Investor in People logo. Artwork for newspaper adverts not only required witty strap lines, but also had to take into account black-and-white only newsprint of the time.

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